Saturday, December 21, 2013

Life is a crazy thing. But it seems to get crazier with MS

Valorie & Her Daughter

 We sometimes tend to blame new things that are coming up on MS. And we have to realize that not everything is connected to the MS. Sometimes it is due to old age! LOL! We hate to admit that we are getting older. But that happens! The alternative is not what we really want yet.

But we seem to be letting things bring us down more often than others who have some of the same things but not the MS.

 My outlook on this is very simple: What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. And as long as I can type or do my crafts who cares how I get around. In the past two months I have had three severe allergy attacks (last one took me to the ER). I sneezed so much that a disc in my lower back is now out of whack and my right hip hurts all the time. Not to mention the issues with my right knee. I now longer can stand to do dishes and vacuuming. But I have made changes so that it doesn't stop me from doing these things. I sit on the seat in my walker to do dishes. And it has wheels so that I can roll it to do the vacuuming. There are adaptations we can do to continue doing what we need to do. We are very valuable to our families! Not trash to throw off to the side. Please figure out what to do so that you can continue giving!