Saturday, June 8, 2013

Do Not Judge Me and My Multiple Sclerosis!

Valorie Diamond, Columnist,    

Again the other day I was told "You don't look disabled"....What? 
Seriously you went there? Can you see diabetes, mental illness ,someone in pain, Fibromyalgia? Come on!!!  

Why would you want to judge someone that you have no idea what they go through each and everyday?

It takes everything I am to get myself out of bed because of the fatigue. And you think you know fatigue...not! You can have a great nights sleep but still feel as if you never slept and have no energy to do anything.  It is something I fight everyday and when I make it out of bed and function to the best of my ability that for me is a great day. For you it is easy.  Not so much for a person with MS.

Can you see my cognitive issues? No. Not unless you talk to me on a day that I cannot find the words to describe something or repeat things over and over because I cannot remember that I already said that.
Or that I cannot remember how to do something that was like second nature to me.  It is frustrating as hell for me, but to you all you see is a person that looks like nothing is wrong with them.

Let me tell you I am in pain almost on a daily basis yet I manage to function to the best of my ability. I put on a good face so that you don't see all that is wrong.  Because I choose to fight this MonSter! I refuse to give in to what it wants to do to me.

You cannot judge me because you do not walk in my shoes. I don't judge you, I accept you for who you are and I don't know everything that is wrong with you.  So do not judge me!