Thursday, August 1, 2013


Valorie Diamond, Columnist,

I was at work one day at Kmart unloading a truck when my face starting going numb. It was odd but I didn't think anything of it as it had happened before and always went away within the hour.  Well this time it didn't and started in my left hand.  I thought that maybe I had a pinched nerve somewhere. So made a doctor appointment to see my PCP.

He sent me to a Neurologist that decided to do a spinal tap. Well that wasn't a pleasant experience as he hit my spinal nerve! Have you ever tried to lay still when something like a lightening bolt goes through your body unexpectedly? I managed to do it but the nurse's and my mom's hand will probably never be the same.! He also did an MRI. So when all was done I went back to get the results. My mom went with me for support as I wasn't married at that time. Well, let me tell you I will never go to a doctor again that just started practicing!! He told me it was all in my head! No truer words were ever spoken.  But he said that it was probably my migraines that were causing it and that I was just depressed! And at that time I hadn't started with the depression but I did when I walked out of his office.
The numbness remained and I just lived with it. In the meantime I married and moved to Louisiana. There I was having major fatigue after work and I worked at a desk as a bookkeeper.  Then my left arm started getting heavy and I was having pain. So my doctor sent me to a Rheumatologist. Well she said that I had Fibromyalgia but that didn't explain my heavy arm so she sent me to a Neurologist there. They did another MRI as it had been about 3 yrs since my last one. When I went back for the results he said there was nothing and sent me back to the Rheumatologist. They just bounced me back and forth.

Well I took an new position with the company and moved to Texas. I did great for awhile and then my left arm went heavy again and I was dragging my foot.  So off to a new Neurologist I went.  He said he didn't think it was MS from all the tests he did but was going to send off for my MRI from the previous year. He wanted to wait on a new MRI til after he saw the other.  Well when he got it he called me in and sat me down in his office and told me that I had MS. He showed me the MRI from the year before and that they could have told me then. He was really mad for what they did to me. 
He told me that he normally doesn't recommend that his patience go out and read everything there is on MS because they think everything they read will happen to them.  But said he knew that I needed to know all about this MS and that I will not over react. When my husband and I left his office that February in 1997 I was relieved that I finally knew what was going on.

My husband and I went to Walmart after we left his office and I told him that I didn't know when or what this crazy thing was going to do to me. That if he wasn't built to deal with someone with a chronic disease that he could leave now and I would understand.  Well he told me that he was going to stick around and that I wasn't getting rid of him that easily.  He said if I ever end up in a wheel-chair he would push me around and pop wheelies! LOL! And his dream came true a couple of times during my hip replacements and when I couldn't put any weight on my feet!

I had a great Neurologist for 13 yrs that talked to me about everything. He would fuss when I stopped therapy but understood.  He fussed at me when I was having major problems at 2am and didn't call him until the office was opened. Since then I have moved away and have gone through three Neurologists. One that wanted to re-diagnose me! Another that thinks pain isn't associated with MS ( and he calls himself an MS Specialist). The latter kept telling me that I was imagining my itching too!

As of right now I guess I don't have a Neurologist, but I have a PCP that keeps up with the latest news on MS. He has three patients that have MS in different stages.  But he listens and will work me right in if I am having issues.  I miss my Neurologist that I had for 13! But for now my PCP will do. 

I have done my research and know what MIGHT come.  Have had issues with my legs and feet and don't mind that I might end up in a wheel-chair. I can have a life no matter if I am standing or sitting. Will adapt to whatever this MonSter sends my way. And I will have my husband and children there to help!