Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have been in pain for the past two weeks. I had difficulty sitting or standing for a long time. I could lay down for a while but it had to be flat on my back....and that reminds me of what the Neurologist stated in my evaluation. She said that I have issues sitting, standing, walking for any period of time but she can lay flat on her back! My husband laughed at that and said you are not working that way!!!!!

Anyway, I have taken pain medications and they still didn't help. All they did was take the edge off.  I even took warm bathes which are not good for me.

But they did help with the pain some. The pain kept me down for several days. Then yesterday it rained and that helped relieve some of the pain.  Told my husband that I could predict rain with these hips! LOL!

People don't believe that pain comes with MS but I am here to tell you that I have had more pain than they would believe.  And I can tell you they don't believe me. But that doesn't take my pain away. You have to make a decision when you have pain....whether to live your life or let it rule you life?!

And I choose to live my life.  Nothing is going to stop me from living. Yeah it may take me down for a couple of days, but that is just until I figure out how to live my life with the new wrinkle! We have to decide that pain is not going to rule our lives.  I CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE!

So this is what I do: I have some pain meds that I can take but I don't like them because they make me feel...tired and I feel like I am yawning in my head. So if I need something I take over the counter meds and I do what I need to do that day. I move around when I start hurting and that helps.  Nothing will ever take all the pain away but that doesn't mean that I cannot have a life.  I am tired of things trying to stop me from having a life. 

You need to make up your mind that anything MS throws at you will not rule your life! HugZ and prayers to all.